Money transfers in Cyprus and abroad

International SWIFT payments are a convenient way to transfer money abroad from your account into an account of private individual person or entity.

SWIFT payments are ideal for paying for purchases made abroad, booking hotel rooms, paying for tuition, vacation or medical expenses, as well as money transfers to relatives and friends.

Main advantages

- You can be sure that your money transfer to almost any country in the world will be quick and secure.
- Transfers are available to businesses and private individuals with no limit on the amount.
- Attractive rates.
- PrivatBank uses correspondent accounts in foreign banks in order to provide quick and high-quality service.

How to send a money transfer through PrivatBank Cyprus SWIFT?


Visit any branch of PrivatBank (Cyprus) and submit the following to the bank officer:
1. Name of the beneficiary's bank, its address (bank identification code, if any) or SWIFT-code of the beneficiary bank.

Important! To transfer money to some banks, such additional information as details of their correspondent banks: bank name, address (identification code, if any) or SWIFT-code, is required.

2. The account number of the recipient (beneficiary) or the international bank account number IBAN.

3. Full name (if the transfer is made to the private individual) or the name of the recipient (if the transfer is made to the legal entity).

4. Address (residence) of the recipient (beneficiary).

5. Payment details (purpose, invoice and agreement numbers, dates of invoice and agreement).

Important! Depending on the details of the payment, the bank might need copies of the documents which serve as the basis for the transfer: contracts, invoices, product specification etc.

How to send a SWIFT transfer to PrivatBank Cyprus

The sender, who is willing to send you a SWIFT-transfer via PrivatBank Cyprus, should have the following details:


Payments in all major currencies may be transferred via PrivatBank Ukraine (SWIFT: PBANUA2X).
Additionally, payments in EURO may be effected via TARGET2, as PrivatBank (Cyprus) is a direct member of TARGET2.

2. Your account number or international bank account number IBAN.

3. Your full name (for private individuals) or name of the company (for legal entities).
Your address (resident);

1. In the case additional requested documents are in a foreign language, you must provide translation into Russian or English of such documents to the bank.
2. IBAN is mandatory for the majority of SWIFT-transfers to beneficiaries' accounts in European banks.
3. It is important to indicate the data in the payment details in accordance with the rules described above for successful money transfer.