Privat24 Internet Bank

24/7 access to your accounts

Via Privat24 you may:
 • check your account balance;
 • transfer funds
and use many other services

What is Privat24?

Privat24 Internet Bank is a system enabling to manage your accounts and monitor them online.

Privat24 is a popular Internet bank

Every day the number of our clients grows. We keep working to improve our services and to enlarge their number.

With Privat24 you can:

  • make all and any payments both through PrivatBank’s system (Cyprus, Ukraine, Latvia) and to other banks (international payments);
  • obtain account statements;
  • make foreign exchange operations;
  • place deposits;
  • maintain correspondence with the bank;
  • monitor the account at any time anywhere, where there is access to the Internet.

You can be sure of safety of Privat24

  • You shall sign all information to be passed using your digital signature (DS). The digital signature is an authentication, confirmation of sustainability and authorship of an electronic document. The system shall authenticate the user through such signature and enables performance of any necessary operation;
  • The user’s keys can be kept in any convenient data storage device – flash storage, disk, data storage card;
  • Access to keys is protected with a password to a storage, in which they are stored, and a password to the keys;
  • All reference books and prepared documents are kept on the server of the bank, it ensures their safety;
  • When encoding the data to be passed, the System uses the SSL-protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), which enables the secured connections between web-server and your browser.

    Privat24 is available for use in all operating systems and the most popular web-browsers. 

How to connect to Privat24?

  • Step 1. Sign up on the home page of Privat24 Internet Bank.

  • Step 2. Print a digital signature acceptance report.

  • Step 3. Visit any branch of PrivatBank Cyprus to establish your identity with your passport and a printed digital signature acceptance report.