30th June 2017

PrivatBank offers the state a cybersecurity solution based on PrivatLinux

PrivatBank is ready to provide the Ukrainian state a ready solution for an operating system based on PrivatLinux, which will secure data from cyber-attacks similar to the one that Ukraine faced on June 27, 2017. This was announced by Oleksandr Shlapak, PrivatBank Chairman of the Board.

According to him, the corporate operating system of PrivatBank shows exceptional resistance to cyber threats as there were no significant cyber infections on the more than 20 thousand workstations in the PrivatBank network during the period of the virus attack.

“Now, following our "Privat.Share" strategy, our bank is ready to provide the state authorities, other interested structures and fellow bankers with a ready-to-implement solution that will protect data and ensure uninterrupted operations of the state authorities in the case of such cyber threats, - noted Oleksandr Shlapak. - We are ready to help to install the PrivatLinux system, and the cost of its implementation will be minimal in comparison with any other solutions.”

Today PrivatBank is ready to provide all government agencies and enterprises with the necessary software products, consulting and installation of secure operating systems. In addition to free installation, the main advantage of implementing the PrivatLinux-based system for government agencies and enterprises will be the ability to service all workstations remotely, centralize inventory of all workstations and creatе a single repository of programs available for users.

The installation of a new corporate software package on a workstation will require only additional training of staff and adaptation of already used software. To provide support for such a state-owned operating system it would be enough to have one middle-level devOps specialist per 1,000-2,000 workstations.

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