14th June 2017

PrivatBank enables visitors to Rivne Zoo to help animals via QR-code

Rivne Zoo became the first in Ukraine where a new technology - QR-payments via the Privat24 application - has been introduced. Smartphones are an essential part of modern life and the Privat24 app alone is used by more than seven million Ukrainians. Therefore, the Bank offered Rivne Zoo visitors the ability to make donations quickly and conveniently.

“I've visited many zoos, so I can confidently say that in Rivne we have one of the best zoos in Ukraine. But at the same time, we also realize that miracles don't happen on their own and all the beauty that we see requires continuous funding," says Yurii Voitenko, Head of the Privatbank North-West Region. “Now making a donation of just UAH 5 is easy using smartphones and soon we will improve the service and a customer will be able to choose the amount by himself.”

Oleg Pavlyuk, Director of Rivne Zoo expressed his gratitude for the move. Supporting the work of the Zoo is not only day-to-day painstaking work, but also constantly funds are in short supply. Therefore, even UAH 5 donated by citizens will help to provide comfortable conditions for animals.

“We need money for the Zoo constantly. Especially when there are unplanned expenses. For example, last week a puma gave birth to a cub,” - says Oleg Pavlyuk. “The Zoo was not ready for this. The cub is alive and well, but we understand that he and his mother need peace and a new enclosure. Unfortunately, we haven’t money for it yet. Therefore, we will hang the QR-code near the enclosure and raise funds for the construction of the area. I hope that soon we will be able to provide better conditions for the cub and his mother.”

PrivatBank is also helping Rivne Zoo to innovate with the upcoming launch of payment for entering the Zoo via QR-code. This will reduce the workload on the ticket offices and reduce queues, adds the Zoo director.

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