25th October 2016

Privat24 is the first iMessage bank in the world

Users of Iphone Privat 24 are the first around the world who are able to transfer money and fill in mobile phones account directly to their contact on iMessage ,without necessity to run applications and fill in receiver number card.

Privat 24 became the first in the world with iOs payment plan which uses new possibilities of messenger base iPhone iMessage ,realized in 10th version of operation system of Apple gadgets.As communicated in privatbank,the updated version of Privat24 allows the owners of iPhone to exchange between them obsolutely in magical way directly through Mеssenger.

iMessage is at the same time the most common and safety Messenger in the world, says Vitiaz.That is why Privat24 appearance there was inevitably like 27/10 .

In order to send and receive the transaction of funds,fill in mobile phone account of Iphone users,launch on the Privat24 icon Messenger menu,enter the transfer amount and choose the desired operation;the Refill the companion's phone account , send and receive,in second transfer of funds will be available to the recipient.

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