MasterCard World Elite

MasterCard World Signia card has changed design and received a new name – World Elite

We hope that not only the card name will emphasize you belong to the world elite.

Cyprus PrivatBank supplemented the most prestigious MasterCard payment system card with three unique advantages.

MasterCard Rewards bonus programme

MasterCard payment system has developed a unique bonus programme for MasterCard®World Elite cardholders.

Any kinds of settlements, including payment for goods and services in all trade networks around world and even online payments are rewarded with unforgettable adventures, vivid emotions and gifts one would not find in conventional stores.

How does it work?

To participate in the bonus programme, you need to register at

That done, every time you pay with a World Elite card your account will be topped-up with bonus points.

The accumulated points can be in two clicks exchanged for a gift from the programme catalogue.

The catalogue offers you just what you had long dreamed of: horse riding lessons, a gadget of your dream, flying a jet and even a surfing tour for two at exotic islands.

Register in the programme 
View the accumulated points 

How to accumulate points?

  • Each time you pay with a World Elite card you are granted points at 1:10 ratio. For instance, a purchase of UAH 1,000 will provide you with 100 bonus points.
  • You are also provided with a special welcome bonus: for the first purchase paid by your World Elite card you will get 100 bonus points. Please note that accumulation of points starts after your registration in the programme.

  • Extended support from World Elite Assistance Centre international service

    World Elite Assistance Centre 

    • You will always have at your disposal VIP hotel rooms, late check-out possibility and best-in-class car rent from elite MasterCard partners;
    • Any information and assistance in travelling and leisure can be provided to you either by specialists of World Elite Assistance Centre speaking the language you prefer or by PrivatBank "Concierge Service" operators.
    • to use offices of PrivatBank and its partner banks in Riga, Tbilisi and Cyprus (Nicosia, Limasol) for personal meetings and negotiations. 

    PayPass built-in contactless technology:

  • World Elite card is designed to use PayPass contactless technology helping you to save time when shopping at outlets supporting contactless payment method;  
  • You no longer need to pass the card to the cashier –just draw the card near to the terminal and the payment will be made.

    By choosing MasterCard World Elite card you gain unlimited access to personal servicing at PrivatBank in accordance with your life-style, as well as an exclusive range of additional services from PrivatBank and its partners. 

    World Elite card holder portfolio:

    • a separate international Visa Platinum mini payment card or other Platinum class card issued in your name for USD or EUR settlements;
      an international MasterCard World card issued in the name of your authorised representative or a family member;
    • an extra international Visa Platinum mini, Visa Lady Platinum or other Platinum class card issued in the name of your authorised representative or a family member;
    • Security service for you and your immediate family members (husband/wife, children); 
    • connection to Privat24 and SMS-banking remote bank account management systems; 
    • a Priority Pass international service card; a virtual Internet card for online-payments; 
    • a PayPass sticker card for contactless payment for purchases; 
    • cards for payroll payments in the required amount.


    On vacation and when travelling:

  • PrivatBank "Concierge Service" 24/7 online support will help you to resolve all issues related to your vacations and travelling around the world;
  • You will be automatically provided with the insurance programme for the cardholder and one family member holding the extra Platinum card - when going abroad the extensive network of elite companies grants discounts to elite payment card holders both within Cyprus and worldwide under the PrivatBank VIP Discount Club programme and provides premium offers for Visa International elite cards holders. 

    For your safety:

  • Support by PrivatBank Security personnel – the "Security" service (provided within the territory of Ukraine) continual monitoring of your card account aimed at fraud risk mitigation.

  • For your comfort:

  • Your personal banker will answer your call on a 24/7 basis and provide you with account statements (monthly, annual, by type of expenditure or for any required period). 
  • Lending limit use grace period in case of emergency – the possibility of temporary increasing available card balance MobileBanking and Internet Banking systems Privat24.