GOLD Card from PrivatBank

- Simple and fast issuing
- 1% per annum on your own assets balance
- Grace period – up to 55 days

Gold Card from PrivatBank for successful people

Universal Gold card is an international payment card from PrivatBank. It enables you to use both your own and credited money. Your relatives, friends or partners can transfer money to this card.

You can draw out money with you Universal Gold card at any point of the world and at any time.

Fees for Universal Gold card servicing

Universal Gold card
Type of the card Card of MasterCard international payment system
Issuance fee Free of charge
Service fee (per year) 50 EUR (if any movements on the card)
Currency of the card account EUR
карта Gold преимущества

Advantages for Gold Card Owners

  • Bonus offers from MasterCard: 24-hour customer care service will help you settle all the issues related to lost or stolen cards, instant cash collection, addresses of ATMs that accept MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus cards, etc. Additionally, you may enjoy discounts and bonuses when paying with MasterCard (more details can be found at;
  • Opportunity to use service Immediate issuing of cash or a new card at any point of the globe.

Grace period – up to 55 days

Universal Gold card from PrivatBank provides a grace period that allows you using credit money for free. In other words, if you pay the credit back within the grace period, you will not have to pay any interest for the period when you used money!

Universal Gold cards have a grace period for using the credit up to 55 days. It means that in order not to pay interests, you have to pay back your debt before the 25th following the month when you used the credit. day (inclusive) of the month following the month when you used the credit.

беспроцентный кредит до 55 дней