PrivatBank Cyprus loans

Get a loan in the way that suits you best.


Take a short-term loan within an amount preliminarily defined with the bank. This means that you may make purchases or make payments withdrawing the money from a bank account even when the available balance is below zero. To repay this loan, you just need to fill up your cheque account.

Loan facility (line of credit)

You may obtain the entire loan amount at once or step-by-step within the limit specified in the loan agreement.

The loan facility may be:
- renewable, allowing you to use credit funds again within the established limit, after the repayment of the loan or part thereof;
- non-renewable, when reuse of funds is not allowed.

Term loan

You obtain the full amount of the loan immediately. In this case, the agreement specifies a schedule for the repayment of capital sum and interest on the loan.

Deposit secured loan

You may obtain a deposit secured loan. You need to have a deposit account opened at the Cyprus branch of PrivatBank, a deposit opened at another branch of PrivatBank Ukraine, or even with a partner bank, which can serve as security for the loan!

In that case, the interest rate on the loan = deposit rate + 0.5% (depending on the deposit currency and credit).

Basic principles of providing credit at PrivatBank Cyprus

- Business loans are given in accordance with the loan procedures of PrivatBank.

- Loans are given at the rates approved by the Credit Committee for each client separately.

- PrivatBank Cyprus gives loans to non-residents in accordance with the law of Cyprus.

- PrivatBank Cyprus does not give loans in UAH. Residents of Ukraine, who do not have the registration certificate of the National Bank of Ukraine, are not eligible for loans.

- Loans are given on a commercial, contractual basis, subject to compliance with the principles of repayment, security, timing, serviceability and target orientation.

- Loan relations are regulated on the basis of loan agreements concluded between the bank and the borrower.