Corporate cards

A corporate card allows you to have 24/7/365 access to your company assets

Main advantages

  • No regulations on corporate expenses for business cards of a foreign company.
    This enables to issue and to utilise corporate payment cards for various
    purposes that company determines itself.
  • Maintenance and operation of card accounts are regulated by Cyprus laws.
  • .

This is the universal tool of access to your corporate account!

You can get any number of corporate cards
in any branch!
You can then hand them to your employees
and control their accounts via Privat24
by yourself!

Your additional advantages

You don’t depend on branches business hours. You don’t have to keep cash in bank for economic needs and business trip expenses.
You will simplify work of finance department employees since there is no need for recalculation, storage, and delivery of cash. The number of accounting documents will reduce.
You control employees expenses based on the statements provided by the bank, as well as through the SMS-banking and Privat24 online banking.
An opportunity to get lower labour expenses related to card accounts topping up, and topping up card account quickly (it’s enough to just send one payment order and the work sheet indicating card numbers, as well as amounts of replenishment to the bank, and the bank will top up all card accounts specified in the work sheet independently).
User-friendly and always reliable corporate card account which gets you unlimited number of corporate cards may for employees and authorised persons of the company.

Corporate card is perfect for payments

• expenses related to the company’s primary activities (purchase of goods, settlements with vendors);
• hospitality expenses (official receptions, cultural programs);
• business trip expenses (hotel reservations, tickets purchase, car rental, etc.);
• administrative purchases (office supplies, equipment, furniture, petrol, etc.);
• advertising costs, marketing services expensesand many others.

Корпоративная карта

Choose the payment card that fits you best

Issue Service charges,
per month
Name on a card Credit limit Fee for cash withdrawal
via PrivatBank

Visa Electron/Cirrus/Maestro
USD 10
EUR 15


USD 50
EUR 55
USD 12.50
EUR 14.00

MC Gold/Visa Gold
USD 200
UR 210

USD 16,50
EUR 18


Visa Classic Instant, validity - 3 years
USD 60
EUR 65
Re-issue: free 
USD 12.50
EUR 14.00
- 1%
Internet Card
USD 25
EUR 30
Free of charge -
- -

Elite Cards 
Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more

What are the benefits of opening the corporate card account in the PrivatBank Cyprus?

PrivatBank is the leader in terms of the amount of payment cards issued in Ukraine. This will guarantee you the following benefits:

By taking care of you, PrivatBank protects your money from unauthorised activity of third parties, including that during risky operations out of Ukraine. Learn more details (to keep safety measures when using cards)
International Visa and MasterCard payment systems cards are issued at competitive rates and may be issued for the term of one, two, or three years in Euro or US dollars, with or without the card holder’s name on it.
We can offer you corporate plastic cards – from the simplest (Visa Electron, Cirrus/Maestro) to the exclusive ones (Visa Infinite, MC World Elite, Visa Platinum).
You can set the credit limit for any card, as coordinated with the bank.
No commission fee is charged for transactions in sales and service network.
You withdraw cash from an ATM at competitive fees.
You can get cards of different payment systems.
Service and maintenance of card accounts is regulated by laws of Cyprus.
PrivatBank lets you operate your accounts remotely, through the Internet (Privat24), and monitor replenishments and withdrawals, as well as balance of your cards using your cell phone (SMS-banking). 

Detailed fees:
Elite cards, EUR/USD (pdf)
Other cards, EUR (pdf) 
Other cards, USD (pdf)