PrivatBank Strategy

Our aim:

To achieve a breakthrough level of servicing the customers, to strengthen the positions in the bank services market, and to create a stable and recognisable brand both in the Republic of Cyprus and overseas.

Our mission:

To ensure simple access to big revenue and innovative bank products for the European Union and Eastern Europe residents.

Up-to-date technologies and qualified personnel of PrivatBank ensure fast and qualitative services corresponding to international standards in the banking industry.

PrivatBank is a team of highly qualified professionals

In many cases, reliability and quality of bank transactions depend on experience and competence of bank specialists. Today, the PrivatBank personnel is a team of highly qualified professionals capable to provide the most dynamic solutions to the most complicated tasks and meet the customers' growing demands for bank services.

The average age of the bank employees is 34 years old.

Most of PrivatBank employees (75%) have higher education corresponding to the profile of their positions.

The bank provides favorable conditions for the employees to receive higher and postgraduate education, and over half of the employees improve their qualification every year.