3rd August 2015

Ukrainian blogger builds a bot for ordering taxis in Telegram

Ukrainian blogger Anatolii Rogalskyi, with no programming skills, has created a bot for popular messenger Telegram by means of cloud operating system Corezoid. The bot allows users to order a taxi and from providers of taxi services to easily adjust the bot’s template to their needs. Popular IT resource Нabrahabr even has published an article on its main page in which Anatolii presented the detailed mechanism of development of software products by people, who don’t possess software coding skills, but know the business logic of the processes.

“I’m not a developer and don’t have the slightest idea about code, but I work in PrivatBank and moderate the business logic of Privat24 using Corezoid”, – said the blogger Anatolii Rogalskyi. - “Initially, the Corezoid system has been developed to solve operational issues of the bank. During its operation it has been transformed into a system for management of objects’ states and processes; subsequently it became clear that Corezoid is a perfect backend for front office systems, including messengers”.

Creation of a bot starts with drawing a scheme of the process logic on paper. After that, using the Corezoid tools becomes understandable for any manager, the bot or other required process is created. In his process the Ukrainian blogger has thus far included minimum functionality - order “right now” and cash payment. The blogger spent a total of 8 hours of work on design, realization and testing. It is significantly less time than a conventional developer needs to implement a project using standard methods.

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