1st September 2015

Seven reasons why using PrivatBank’s automated parcel terminals (APTs) is more convenient for online shopping

Customers of leading Ukrainian e-shops can now order delivery of goods directly to PrivatBank APTs. Just choose the nearest APT delivery point on the shop’s website. Getting purchases right at the APT is more convenient and even more beneficial than at post offices.

1. Today there are over 1,400 PrivatBank APTs in the bank&rsquo;s outlets and in shopping centers all over Ukraine. The closest APT is certainly situated near your home or office. The bank is going to increase its APT network by the end of the year - self-service post will operate in every Ukrainian city and village. <br /><br />2. You can choose a convenient time to collect your parcel. APTs&rsquo; operating schedules depend on the operation schedule of the bank&rsquo;s outlet or shopping center. You can usually get the parcel at an APT during your lunch break or right after the end of the working day.<br /><br />3. APT isn&rsquo;t a human. It doesn&rsquo;t need to eat, it works without a break and is always in a good mood :). There is usually no queue, you can get the goods which you bought online faster and more conveniently. <br /><br />4. No one can open armoured APTs except you. It assures security of goods delivery and preservation. Technologies that are used allow to guarantee security of delivery.<br /><br />5. Receiving a parcel at an APT is modern and trendy. Moreover it&rsquo;s as simple as using a common ATM.<br /><br />6. APT will surely inform you when the parcel will be in place. When it is delivered to the APT, the recipient is informed by SMS or e-mail. After that you can get the parcel by confirming your identity in the self-service terminal using your PrivatBank payment card or entering a mobile number on a touch screen.<br /><br />7. Get and pay simultaneously. You can pay for the goods or their delivery at the same time while opening an APT box. You don&rsquo;t even need cash - you can pay for delivery in the self-service terminal by plastic card or in cash. The whole process of payment and receiving the parcel won&rsquo;t take more than a minute. <br /><br /><img style="vertical-align: middle;" src="http://en.privatbank.ua/img/APTs-en.png" height="658" width="699" /><br />

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